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the girl seeking for sketchup fansThis web page dedicated to sketchup fans. You can meet with sketchup friends, You can share knowledge and experience. You can share your sketchup files too.

You will also find lots of Sketchup tutorials here, Our page is new but we will serve you best tutorials about sketchup, especially you can find Video tutorials here.

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New Sketchup Tutorials

Night scene render with google sketchup

In this picture tutorial we will make a lantern and night render. First of all you need to learn emissive material and disale sunlight for google sketchup and vray
Visit:61246 27-07-2010 15:35 User:webmaster

Sketchup Advanced house drawing video tutorial

in this video tutorial You will learn Drawing complete house with doors, windows and garden.
Visit:34162 24-03-2010 23:02 User:webmaster

How to make animation in sketchup video tutorial

in this tutorial you will learn basic animation technique, its easy to make animation in sketchup
Visit:27917 24-03-2010 22:37 User:webmaster

Vray render and Lighting for Sketchup tutorial

in this rendering tutorial you will learn how to render simple scene with sketchup and vray plugin. vray is fast and clear rendering system especially designed for architectural rendering
Visit:174449 26-02-2010 04:37 User:webmaster

Sketchup Washbasin video tutorial

Sketchup Washbasin video tutorial , you will learn how to draw washbasin in sketchup only 7 min. video tutorial
Visit:15540 07-02-2010 14:16 User:webmaster

Sketchup Making simple Vase Video tutorial

sketchup drawing video tutorial, in this video you will draw vase from scratch
Visit:13493 19-01-2010 21:42 User:webmaster

Sketchup Window making Video Tutorial

Sketchup video tutorial about drawind window over the wall, This sketchup video tutorial takes only 3 min
Visit:12244 19-01-2010 21:37 User:webmaster © 2009
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