Vray render and Lighting for Sketchup tutorial

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Vray Render for Sketchup

in this tutorial we will render little car scene with v-ray rendering plugin.

Download this little toy car scene for start: Download : toycar.zip

You will see V-ray toolbar after you setup vray plugin. To open the new toolbar make the settings below.

sketchup render tutorial

Then you will se this toolbar

sketchup vray tutorial

Click the options button below for change the render settings . Our first setting is render image size. please follow the numbers below.

sketchup vray lights

Second and most important rendering setting is Image sampler this setting effects speed and quality. I use Adaptive DMC most of time. it fast and gives better quality.

if you render fast as you can: make Adaptive Subdivision : min: -2 , max: 0

if you want better quality make this setting below: Adaptive DMC , min:1 , max:16

i will explain this settings if you write qustions with the message form.

sketchup render tutorial lights

Then click the button below for start the render


After a few seconds you will se something like this: here is complete sketchup file: Download: toycarlight.zip

vray render sketchup

that was easy part. Next section is as hard as playing gold miner game online free.

Night Render For Sketchup

everybody makes daylight rendering. because its easy and not expert knowledge needed. now we will make night render with vray plugin.

First we need to close standart lights. Unccheck the settings below. first Default lights then GI skylight (comes withfor vray)

sketchup vray setup

Now make Omni light from vray toolbar. You can use this light for point light. or maybe moonlight :) . You can change color and light intensity.

Right click the light and choose Edit Light for change the light intensity.


Multiplier value changes light intensity. if you want darker scene make this number smaller.


Now click the render button in vray toolbar.

night render

Here is the complete night scene: Download : toycarnight.zip

i will explain the light source on the right later. is there anybody reading this tutorial, please left message.

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Sketchup Render Tutorials

i´m an architect and i use sketchup for every render or 3d presentation i need, please show more light tutorials :D
18-03-2010 03:33

    Sketchup Render Tutorials

    where is my mustard?
    can you put more tutorial on light omni/rectangular setup, i cant make it work properly, also do i have to enclose my subject in a box, to see the light effect? thank you!
    27-03-2010 00:34

      Sketchup Render Tutorials

      roll call
      i want to get a learning pdf file
      07-05-2010 04:27

        Ok. 3 people enought for me. more tutorials on the road.

        @mustard < you dont need to put your object in a box. but it makes lightning more realistic. because of Global Lighting (GI). i will explain it with pictures. visit this page two days later.

        I Love Sketchup
        09-05-2010 08:18

          Sketchup Render Tutorials

          Good tutorial, as a total beginner it helped me
          09-05-2010 10:23

            Sketchup Render Tutorials

            Im working to get a night envirnment but it didnt work? Im a beginner Sir
            17-05-2010 04:12

              Sketchup Render Tutorials

              always grey color in the background... Its awful :(
              17-05-2010 04:51

                Sketchup Render Tutorials

                hey i m n architect... i luv to make 3d in sketchup n render them in vray....... plz show me sum lighting effexts in vray...
                26-07-2010 05:00

                  Sketchup Render Tutorials

                  i use sketchup for rendering works.... but i would i like to know... how to do photo realistic rendering animations in sketchup... can u help me.... in doing photorealistic rendering animations..........
                  25-10-2010 05:18
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